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About the Work

During a painting expedition to Longleat, England, I was immediately drawn to the majestic rooftop of Longleat House, the 17th century home of the Marquess of Bath. I developed a series of paintings devoted to the rooftop. The scenery offers decorative chimney tops and bellcotes, which form a city of its own. The chimney tops become iconic, along with the surrounding structures. Under Construction, presents a beginning view of the rooftop, scaffolding is in its foundation. Although the majority of the rooftop is built, the main foundation of the left side is still unfinished. The white areas are outlined in red, as a linear drawing of what the rooftop will look like once it is complete. There is a play between the columns and chimney tops, as if a game of chess was happening. Under-constructed forms make this painting a workable vision and offers beauty as it is, without the need of completion.

Under Construction

By Patricia Araujo

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