• Parking Structure - Miami, Florida
  • Parking Structure - Miami, Florida
  • Parking Structure - Miami, Florida

About the Work

Michael Grecco’s night is full of light. He is a moonwalker, a somnambulist whose conscious and unconscious are not blinded by the bright of oncoming traffic or swallowed into shadows.  He is enthralled by the radiance within the blackness, the rapture of color. Grecco’s “Urban Landscapes” are vivid panoramic photographs shot in mostly unidentifiable locations around the world.   These places seem alien and exotic, showered in vibrant, lucent, sometimes iridescent almost radioactive colors, revealed in raking rays, squiggles, planes, and circles. A.M. Hunt, Esteemed Gallerist, Curator, Collector

Parking Structure - Miami, Florida

By Michael Grecco

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