• Fantastic Landscape
  • Fantastic Landscape
  • Fantastic Landscape

About the Work

During a painting expedition to Longleat, England, I was immediately drawn to the majestic rooftop of Longleat House, the 17th century home of the Marquess of Bath. I developed a series of paintings devoted to the rooftop. The scenery offers decorative chimney tops and bellcotes, which form a city of its own. The chimney tops become iconic, along with the surrounding structures.

Fantastic, Landscape - Longleat, brings fantasy elements to its composition, establishing an environment within the chimney tops and columns, varied in scale, portraying hierarchy and family origin. This time the rooftop is a city, growing directly from the ground – earthy, green, more of nature juxtaposed against a metallic solid silver sky. One wonders how can this pure setting be part of a silver atmosphere, how do these chimney tops become humanistic? A few columns separate and fly upwards, escalating toward a brown barrier, possibly a tree. In this painting, confusion arises in its setting, as if the silver sky is infinite, or does the tree keep on growing, and other natural forms exist as part of a limitless frontier?

Fantastic Landscape

By Patricia Araujo

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