Since the beginning of time, art has played an important role in history. It’s helped people express themselves in ways that are otherwise impossible, and it will continue to have this impact on society.

The ArtCapitol Gallery is created by art lovers, for art lovers. We house a number of different types of art at museum-quality standards. We carry limited-edition prints as well as original works of art for people to add to their personal collection. All of the art that is available is professionally handled and can be ordered to meet your exact needs.

There is never a moment where our collection is not growing, meaning you will find something new and exciting when you visit. Just like our customers, we enjoy collecting the next big works of art, and want to share that excitement with you.

You can also learn about up and coming artists, expanding your knowledge even further and maybe even finding a few favorite or two. Rising artists can also have their work showcased, giving them an opportunity to have their work seen by a larger audience.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting out, ArtCapitol has a unique library that is sure to awaken the art lover in you.  You can choose a few favorites or have an entire collection; the choice is up to you.

We hope that you will find collecting art as freeing and exciting as we do.